Need a jump start in creating your winning recipe?  Here are a few places that can provide tips and tools to inspire you and get you cooking! 

The beef tips and tools information will help you as you prepare to select your beef cut, cooking method and learn the proper cooking lessons to ensure your original 2013 National Beef Cook-Off® recipe is prepared properly.

Shopping for Beef
For help in understanding the variety of nutritious and satisfying beef cuts, how to read the labels in the meat case and how to get the best value at the grocery store.

Prepping Your Kitchen
For more information on the necessary cookware, preparation tips, techniques for using marinades & rubs and cooking methods for beef.

Knowing Your Beef Cuts
For assistance in finding the perfect cut of beef for your winning recipe.  

Learn about the 29 Lean Beef Cuts to choose from and select to include in either the 'Real-Worldly, Real Simple Beef and Potato Recipes' category or the 'Craveable Fresh Beef and California Avocado Recipes' category. Download the 29 Lean Beef Cuts Chart. 

Matching Your Cut with the Appropriate Cooking Method
To understand the various cooking methods for beef such as grilling, stir-frying, broiling, oven cooking, pot roasting/braising beef and more, click here.  Download a printer-friendly version of the Matching Cooking Methods to Beef Cuts chart.

Easy Steps to Cooking Beef
There are endless ways to enjoy beef and these 3 Easy Steps videos can help coach you along the way to preparing a winning recipe: