Entering My 2013 Recipe Contest Questions

I created an account in 2013 the first time I entered a recipe. What do I do the second time I want to enter a recipe?
If you have already created an account you should only have to type in your name and password from the second time on.

If I use a marinade in my recipe, are the marinade ingredients and marinade time included?
Each marinade ingredient is counted as a recipe ingredient. The time to prepare the marinade and add it to the beef is counted in the total recipe time, but the length of time the beef is marinated in the refrigerator should be listed separately from the total time to prepare and cook the recipe.

I like to offer garnishes for my recipe. Do these count as ingredients, and do I have to indicate how much of those ingredients to use as a garnish?
Yes, garnishes will count as ingredients, so if you select a garnish for your recipe you should use one of the existing ingredients to keep the number of required ingredients within the rules. Yes, you should indicate how much of the garnish ingredient to use because it will be included in the recipe nutrition information per serving.

If I suggest an accompaniment like rice or pasta in my recipe, should I include the amount?
Yes, your accompaniment ingredient should indicate how much to use because it will be included as one of your ingredients and also be included in the recipe nutrition information per serving.

How do I know that my online entry was accepted?
If your online entry is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.
What’s the difference between incomplete entries and completed submissions?
Incomplete entries have been drafted but not yet submitted. Incomplete entries can be edited, printed or removed from the contest by you. Completed submissions have been submitted. Completed submissions can’t be edited or removed by you, but they can be printed.

After I submitted my recipe entry, I realized that I made a mistake in the recipe. What should I do?
Each account user should be able to view and print all completed submissions. If you want to change a recipe once it has been submitted you will have to enter another recipe entry using a different recipe name.

Can I save an entry that I’m working on and then finish it at a later date?
Yes, you may save a recipe draft to edit and submit at a later time.

Can I enter more than one recipe into the contest?
Yes. You can enter as many recipes as you like in any of the four categories.

Can I send a picture image of my original recipe?
Yes. You also have the ability to send a JPEG image of your recipe entry as an optional feature. Please limit the size of your image file to 1-2MB so that it will load easier into our system.

How do I print a copy of my recipe?
When entering a draft recipe you need to either save the draft or submit the draft before you can print the recipe. When you log in again or return to menu you will see your incomplete entries and complete submissions listed by entry numbers. Select print next to the entry numbers you want to print.

Recipe Category Questions

My recipe could be entered in two different Categories. How do I know which one to choose?
Choose the recipe category that you believe best matches your original recipe. The contest judges will re-assign your recipe to a different category if they decide it's a better match to a different category.

Eligibility Questions

Are food bloggers, people who cook for other people for pay, professional home economists or registered dietitians eligible to enter the contest?
The rules state food professionals such as chefs, food writers or someone who creates recipes for pay are NOT eligible. Food bloggers who are paid are NOT eligible. If you cook for others for pay regardless of whether you are a chef or not you are NOT eligible. Home economists and registered dietitians who cook for pay are NOT eligible.

Are past National Beef Cook-Off finalists and winners eligible to enter the 2013 National Beef Cook-Off?
National Beef Cook-Off finalists and winners of a grand prize, category prize or runner-up prize prior to 2011 are now eligible to enter the 2013 Contest. If you were a finalist or winner of any prize in the 2011 National Beef Cook-Off you are NOT eligible to enter the 2013 Contest but will be eligible to enter the 2015 Contest.

Contest Judging Questions

When will the 2013 Winners be announced?
Seven (7) $1,500 regional winners will be announced in July 2013.
The regional winners will be selected from these seven regions:

Region l – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

Region ll – Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana

Region lll – Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri

Region lV – Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas

Region V – Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado

Region Vl – California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska

Region Vll – North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas

One (1) different $25,000 grand prize winner will be announced, from the remaining 14 finalists in November at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show in Washington, D. C. The grand prize winner will be selected based on the highest overall scoring recipe.

Who will judge the 2011 National Beef Cook-Off recipes?
Initial judging and selection of 20 finalists will be done by food marketing and culinary professionals.

Consumers will have the opportunity to select the 21st finalist recipe from among other entries judges place online at www.beefcookoff.org for a period of two weeks during the spring of 2013. Consumers will be able to vote only once for the recipe they prefer. The recipe that receives the most votes will become a finalist. In the event of a tie, judges will determine the finalist.

A panel of food experts will do final judging.